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Meet the Team

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Dr. Tamara Barron

Maryland Department of Labor, Occupational Coordinator, Correctional Education

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Justina Green, MS SHRM CP

HR Leader - Employee and Labor Relations Strategist, Independent Contractor

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Jonathan Cortez

NY Regional Manager National Blended Learning Manager, The Petey Green Program

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Michael Elonge

Financial Education Faculty, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Maryland

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Danielle Cox

Maryland Department of Labor, Director of Correctional Education. MAACCE Board of Directors, COABE Prison Literacy Committee

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Theresa Luther-Dolan

Minnesota Department of Corrections Facilities Reentry Coordinator, Transition Coordinator Lead Community Reentry Services

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Stephen J. Steurer, PhD

Reentry/Education Advocate, CURE National, Barbara Bush Foundation

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Sudie Whalen

Technical Assistance Consultant, Adult Learning Practice Area, American Institutes for Research

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