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Resources for Educators

For Teachers, Coordinators and Reentry Personnel

Explore these resources compiled for educators to: 

  • Share information about Career Pathways for students, CTE Programs, and the Foundational Skills students need to succeed through the implementation of a Career Pathways System. 

  • Provide relevant resources and videos related to the Career Pathways sectors, CTE Programs, and explore pre- and registered apprenticeship opportunities available to students. 

  • Provide links to a number of tools and resources that will help students explore careers and improve employability and interviewing skills. 

  • Excite you! Try one of the assessments out for yourself to see how informative they are. 

Explore resources compiled through the COABE Hack-A-Thon for administrators! 


Looking for more? Explore thousands of resources for adult educators through COABE's Adult Education Repository. Find lesson plans, videos, apps, conference presentations and Professional Development Resources.


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