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For Educators: 

The Six Sectors

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Information, videos and curriculum related to the Career Pathways sectors, CTE programs, and pre- and registered apprenticeship opportunities.

Employability Skills (Perkins Collaborative Resource Network) 

Employability Skills (Minnesota State CareerWise) 

Introduction to Stackable Credentials (Perkins Collaborative Resource Network) 

Full Speed Ahead: Collaborative Career Pathways and Work-based Learning in Iowa (COABE Adult Educator Resources) 

"Your Career, Your Future" (Wisconsin Technical Colleges, Video) 

"From Prison to College: How a Formerly Incarcerated Student Overcame the Odds to Graduate" (Illinois Newsroom, Video) 

Adult Career Pathways Resources (ABE Teaching and Learning Advancement System)  

"Facilitating Reentry of Justice-Involved Individuals into the Green Workforce: Case Studies and Best Practices" (UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability and Dream Corps) 

"Career Pathways Toolkit: A Guide for System Development" (United States Department of Labor) 

"Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics" (Center on Education and the Workforce) 

"Reentry Education Framework: Guidelines for Providing High-Quality Education for Adults Involved in the Criminal Justice System" (US Department of Education) 

"Partnerships Between Community Colleges and Prisons: Providing Workforce Education and Training to Reduce Recidivism" (US Department of Education) 

"Back to School: A Guide to Continuing your Education After Prison" (John Jay College of Criminal Justice) 


"A Reentry Educational Model: Supporting Education and Career Advancement for Low-Skill Individuals in Corrections" (US Department of Education) 

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